Hónap: 2014 július

An English bookstore in Naples (a short tale of fiction)

Café Neápolis

Spaccanapoli is located in a part of Naples, Italy that is marked by dense, narrow streets that slope upward from the sea to a promontory known as Vomero. Here there are numerous landmarks, shops, restaurants, cafes, just about anything you could imagine. I used to go there frequently, just to walk the streets, dodge the traffic, weave through pedestrians, often ending up at Galleria Umberto, just across the street from the opera house.

Located between a shop selling high-end cappuccino makers (judging by the prices, anyway), and a boutique selling silk scarves and hats, was a small, nondescript store selling English books. My apprehension initially was the inventory might consist only of Italian books translated into English, not that there is anything wrong with that (not to mention no market for such), but you know what happens during translation. You risk losing the author’s unique manipulation of his own language…

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